Dog Eye Cleaner


We’ve all seen it: the built-up crud that gets in dogs eyes. Whether your pet suffers from conjunctivitis, or simply has sensitive eyes that water and get filled with debris, cleaning your dogs eyes is a great way to keep them healthy. A sign that there is a problem is when your dog squints a lot. This could be a simple sensitivity, or a sign of a more serious problem. Getting your dogs eyes checked regularly, as well as consistently cleaning, are the two most important steps to ensuring the health of your dogs precious eyes. Also, if your dog receives medication in the eye, it’s important to clean before administering the medication for better absorption. There are eye drops as well as eye wipes, and with experimentation you can discover which is more tolerable for your pet. For dogs who are also just naturally teary, there can be a buildup of crust that needs to be removed so that your dog can see clearly. This crust can easily breed excess bacteria.

Most Popular Dog Eye Cleaner

TrueBlue Safe and Sure Eye Wipes

TrueBlue is an amazing company, in that they really formulate their dog health products with the same botanical wonder-ingredients that you find in expensive human products. Working closely with botanists and specialists at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, they’ve created a line of products that serve the needs of our pets, in the gentlest way possible. The Safe and Sure Eye Wipes are formulated with soothing lavender, cucumber, chamomile, and witch hazel, to effectively clean and nurture your dogs eyes. Gone are the tear stains, with the simple swipe of one moistened pad. They are so safe to use that you could probably use them yourself. These pads are also safe on cats, if you have both in the house. Not only that, but a portion of the sales from TrueBlue products is donated to the American Humane Association’s Second Chance Fund. The wipes are incredibly convenient, and free from detergents, alcohol, and parabens.

  • Pre-moistened wipes clean tear stains
  • Developed by Vets at a top veterinary university
  • Free of harsh detergents, alcohol, or parabens
  • Biodegradable and made in the USA
  • Safe to use on cats


Best Overall Dog Eye Cleaner

Angel’s Eyes Dog Supplies Tear Stain Remover

We all love those dogs with the sad, droopy eyes, because they warm our hearts, but tear stains shouldn’t sit in the corners of the eyes for too long, or they’ll cause irritation. Angels’ Eyes helps to eliminate these tear stains, as well as prevent them from coming back, without using food dyes or wheat. This is an internal way for dogs to stop the tearing, and it’s easier to administer than topical cleaners. Simply sprinkle the formulation onto your dogs chow, and in weeks you’ll see a difference in your dog’s tear stains. This is completely safe, and recommended for puppies who are over 6 weeks old. There’s nothing more important than the health of your dog’s (or cat’s!) eyes, and Angels’ Eyes is a great way to get those tear stains out for good. The 120 gram bottle is going to last you for a long time, and you’ll see results within 3-5 weeks with consistent use.

  • 120 gram bottle
  • Effective tear-stain remover that works from the inside out
  • Sprinkle on food daily
  • Safe during pregnancy and for puppies older than 6 weeks


Best Budget Dog Eye Cleaner

Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for Dogs

This irrigating solution from Nutri-Vet is the perfect rinse to reduce irritation and prevent tear stains in your dogs eyes. The ophthalmic solution is gentle and helps to relieve discomfort that results from dried and built-up mucus. A dog’s eyes are particularly susceptible to pollen, foreign material, and other irritants, and they have no way on their own to remove these particles. That’s why it’s important as a dog owner to help your pet out and give them the cleaning that they deserve. This boric acid solution is a formulation that is often used on humans for its effectiveness, and now dogs can experience the benefits as well. Build-up of particles makes the dogs eyes more susceptible to infection, and that’s why regular flushing of the eyes is important to the health of your pet. Simply put 2-3 drops in the eyes once or twice daily, and you’re building a routine that will greatly payoff in terms of the health of your dog’s precious eye sight.

  • Irrigation treatment that soothes irritation
  • Cleanses the eyes and surrounding tissue gently
  • Removes tear stains
  • Fights eye infections
  • Removes excess particles from eyes


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