Dog Flea Comb


Flea combs provide immediate relief for your dog when they are scratching due to fleas. A comb may not do such a dramatic job that a pill or pray treatment might accomplish but It will work alongside these treatments well, providing your dog with the instant effects of relief by the comb acting like a back scratcher. There are several options when it comes to flea combs, all of which set out to do the same thing but apply their unique features in different ways. Some have metal teeth or two rows of metal teeth as opposed to plastic. The teeth are designed to seek out and trap the fleas, as they are perfectly spaced apart to do this job. Some flea combs are made at an angle for even easier usage on your dog, meaning less pressure is applied but the fleas still get caught up in the comb; curved handles can also aid for children and parents use.

Most Popular Dog Flea Comb

Safari Pet Products

The Safari Flea Comb contains a double row of teeth for extra coverage and extra flea catching. The teeth are closely spaced apart to give the upmost effectiveness when it comes to retrieving those pesky fleas from within your dog’s coat of fur. These closely spaced teeth also help to remove any debris or dust that can get trapped up in your pet’s fur, so a great grooming comb as well as a flea comb. The ability to detect the fleas and help to get rid of them from the start, as soon as you notice any dry or flaky skin on your dog’s fur this Safari Flea Comb will be sure to seek out and catch fleas and eggs right away. Because of its great results and how easy it is to use professional groomers have recommended this flea comb to be used when your dog gets fleas, this gives you as the owner added confidence in the removal of the fleas and nits.

  • Ideal for all breeds of dogs
  • Original and unique double row teeth design
  • Professional groomers highly recommended
  • Detects fleas from the start, dry and flaky skin


Best Overall Dog Flea Comb

Four Paws Fine Flea Comb

Flea combs come in all different shapes and sizes and some are better suited to other dog’s fur coats than others. This Pet Comb for flea removal has been specially designed to be used on dogs that have extra fine coats. Fleas can get trapped inside coats that are very fine making it even harder to remove them from the dog’s fur. When used with a flea formulated shampoo using a comb to remove the fleas and nits becomes much easier to come away from the fur resulting in quick and hassle free flea elimination. Because Four Paws know that every dog is different they have made sure they have designed enough flea combs for specific dog coats so that every dog can benefit from a good quality flea removal product. Owners feel satisfied knowing that Four Paws are a decent and quality assured brand of dog products so can put every faith in the comb doing its job to a high standard.

  • Wide range of flea combs and types for different dogs
  • Designed for flea removal on dogs with extra fine coats
  • Quality assured products form a great brand


Best Budget Dog Flea Comb

Master Grooming

Master Grooming Tools have come up with this great looking flea comb that is simple and easy to use and can be taken around with you on your travels. Being portable makes this product even more appealing due to its small compact size it fits perfectly inside your pocket and the loophole to attach it to other keys or dog grooming products already owned. The ergonomic plastic handle means that fatigue doesn’t occur when removing the fleas from your dog’s coat it has been designed and contoured especially for your hands to use. The pins are produced closely together to give maximum effectiveness when brushing the fur of your dog, close pins means extra close combing and no room for the fleas, nits or their eggs to escape. The Master Grooming Tools flea comb is packaged easy for retail purposes and can be found in most stores selling flea removal products.

  • Contoured grip flea comb, by Master Grooming Tools
  • Close pins to easily remove fleas and eggs
  • Fits in a pocket easily and has loop hole attachment
  • Ergonomic plastic handle


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