Dog Bowl


The vessel in which you provide your dog his/her food can say a lot about the way you treat your dog. Dog bowls come in all sorts of shapes. For big dogs you can get what almost resembles a trough for them to chow down on their meaty feast; or you can get a dainty and delicate cup style bowl fit for a princess. Some dog bowls double up as water bowls too, making it easier to keep the two parts of your dog’s meal together. This design is ideal for bigger and clumsier dogs that try and take their food bowl off into the distance by mistake. There are even dog bowls that have special containers underneath to store the pet food for safe keeping and ease of use.

Most Popular Dog Bowl

IRIS Elevated Feeder

IRIS small Elevated Feeder with an airtight food storage compartment underneath the bowls is great for your dog’s digestion. The elevation promotes a much better flow of the food as the dog eats. A reduction in muscle strain means that your dog can enjoy their meals without any added pressure or uncomfortable seating, much like us wanting and preferring to sit at a table to eat our meals. The underneath section that is an airtight container to store your pet food in makes this feeding bowl an all in one solution for both storing and feeding your pet. It keeps the dry dog food fresh and safe directly below the dog bowls and can keep up to 47 pound of dog food at one time. Having the water bowl just next door to the feeding bowl ensures tour dog gets enough water while eating their meal and the rubber feet mean your floor is protected from slipping and spilling of water and dog food.

  • Reduces your dog’s muscle strain by elevation
  • 2 2 quart stainless steel bowls for food and water
  • Air tight container keeps the food fresh
  • Non-skid rubber feet protect the floors and avoid accidents


Best Overall Dog Bowl

Our Pets Signature Series Elevated Dog Feeder

Signatures Our Pets series of designer diner definitely lives up to its name. This feeding bowl will fit into any homes décor with its modern and sleek look that consists of black and stainless steel look panels that are reversible to suit your room. The elevation of the bowls means that your pet is getting the best possible positioning for while they eat their meals preventing any stress that could be caused to the joints and bones of your pet and any muscle problems for the future. Just by elevating your dog’s bowls for food and water you are giving an easier and more direct route for your dog’s digestion for a more ergonomically correct eating position. The product comes with two bowls and the feeder in stainless steel.

  • An elevated position for the correct posture during meals
  • Reversible stainless steel look and black panels
  • Prevents muscle and joint aggravation
  • Good posture gives good digestion


Best Budget Dog Bowl

MidWest Homes for Pets

Stainless steel bowls are not unusual for feeding pets, but you won’t find any like the Midwest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Water and Feed bowls. The Snap’y fit patented system will ensure the bowl is firmly held in its place at all times without any movement by your dog, however when it comes to you wanting to remove it to wash and clean it is very easy to remove. Owners have been in need of a decent water and dog bowl solution to the many spillages that can occur and the constant dislodging of the bowls when pets are feeding or drinking from them. The Snap’y fit bowls have solved this problem so there is no longer a need to worry, the solution is here to help you all. The actual bowls are made in a range of sizes so you can tailor to your pets needs with the right size for them. The locks are so secure your pet will not be able to budge them and yet the wing nuts are simple to remove.

  • A dual pole design stops the bowl from rotating
  • Snap back bracket and secure lock preventing spillages
  • The wing nuts are removable with ease
  • Material is a rust proof stainless steel


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