Dog Blanket


Dog blankets have many uses aside from being a comfort for your dog. They can prevent your dog’s fur from shredding on all the furniture or from on its bed or, indeed, your own bed. The blankets can also provide a comforting seat in the car while keeping the back seat from becoming dirty or covered in dog hair. Blankets can be extra padded for your dog as well as made from high quality material giving your dog nothing but the best as it deserves. The blankets can also be specially made to fit your dog bed and keep your dog’s comfort in mind while sleeping. They also provide extra warmth and comfort in the colder winter months, especially if used in an outdoor doghouse. Fur throws are one of the most popular options by dog owners as they are fleecy and snuggly and provide the most well-being and relaxation for dogs.

Most Popular Dog Blanket


Give your pet the luxury it deserves with the RZA Ultra Soft Pet Blanket. The blanket is stylish and eye-catching with contrasting paw prints that look great. It comes in the perfect colours for hiding pet hair too. This allows you to have your pet up on the couch with you or to ride in your car without covering everything in pet hairs. The RZA pet blanket has been made machine washable at the normal setting and is durable enough for your pets to use over and over. It can do the two most important things for your pet, which is to keep them warm on the cold winter nights as well as keeping them cool on those hot summer days. This is due to the super ultra fleece material that RZA has chosen to use for this beautiful blanket. Just like us using a comfy pillow or seat pets like to have a comfortable place to sit and relax or rest for the night and this blanket is perfect for doing just that.

  • Made from ultra soft fleece keeping your pet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather
  • Paw design is attractive
  • Keeps hair off of upholstery
  • Machine washable


Best Overall Dog Blanket


The Solvit 62283 Deluxe Bench Seat Cover For Pets is a great blanket for your dog to use in the back seat of your car. It is easy to attach with its adjustable straps and obtains two stay put devices to stop the blanket from slipping. The quilted material provides ultimate comfort and is made from durable micro suede that makes it ideal for long journeys and extra protection for your dog and the car. It can help to prevent spillages and is easy to remove dirt and dander from after your dog has enjoyed a lovely walk and got all mucky. The blanket can be thrown in the washing machine and used at a normal and even high setting to remove all stains and dirt. The colours of green and grey mean it will blend in nicely with your car interior and give your dog a classy and pleasurable ride with the rest of the family combining luxury and protection in one.

  • Comes in green and grey
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for vehicles
  • Protects your back seat from mud, dirt and spills


Best Budget Dog Blanket

K & H

K&H Self Warming Pet Crate Pad is a remarkable blanket that every pet will just adore. The pad will capture your pet’s body heat and the radiate it back to your pet to keep the warmth and comfort they need. This makes this pad ideal for those wintery evenings that require that extra bit of heat to keep them warm. The corners of the blanket are all slit which means the blanket can fit in to many different sized crates and all the different types of edges that the blanket encounters. The top side of the crate pad is a beautifully soft micro fleece material that is soft and relaxing to lay upon, while the underneath of the blanket is a non-slip ‘stay pet’ fabric that stops the pad from scrunching up and moving around while in the crate. The whole blanket can be put inside the washing machine to keep it clean and allow the general upkeep of the pad to be maintained.

  • The corners allow the blanket to fit any crate
  • Micro fleece top for added comfort
  • Easy to keep clean and wash
  • 6 sizes and 3 colours available


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