Mixed Feeding Gives Dogs the Variety They Crave


Serving wet and dry dog food together isn’t only delicious to your pet, but it can also provide nutritional benefits. Learn more about mixed feeding, and how to do so safely.

Benefits of Dry Food

The texture of some dry dog foods can help promote your dog’s dental health. The crunchy pieces of some kibble can help remove the buildup of plaque and reduce tartar on your pet’s teeth. And when you buy a nutritionally complete dry dog food formula, you’re ensuring that your furry friend is getting all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals they need.

Benefits of Wet Food

On its own, wet dog food provides extra hydration for your dog, which helps promote a healthy urinary tract. Canned dog food also gives them deliciously rich flavor. Typically, wet food formulas also have fewer calories per gram than dry food, as well as less grain.

How to Mix Wet and Dry Food Safely

Changing your dog’s food too quickly can result in an upset stomach. Always reference the feeding guidelines on the back of the package or can and slowly introduce the new kibble or wet dog food.

You want to give your pet the very best. By choosing a mixed feeding diet, you’re serving up a bowl of good nutrition and tail-wagging variety.


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